UNIT: Assembled

Production details

  • Format
  • 4 × 60 min audio plays
  • Production company
  • Big Finish Productions
  • Recording studio
  • The Moat Studios
  • Dates recorded
  • 31 Oct, 1, 2, 3, 17, 18, & 22 Nov 2016
  • Date released
  • May 2017
  • Written by
  • Matt Fitton
  • Guy Adams
  • Sound design & music
  • Howard Carter
  • Producer
  • David Richardson
  • Script editor
  • Ken Bentley
  • Executive producers
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Cover art
  • Tom Webster


  • Kate Stewart
  • Jemma Redgrave
  • Osgood
  • Ingrid Oliver
  • Lieutenant Sam Bishop
  • Warren Brown
  • Captain Josh Carter
  • James Joyce
  • Mike Yates
  • Richard Franklin
  • John Benton
  • John Levene
  • Jo Jones
  • Katy Manning
  • Jastrok
  • Richard Hope
  • Kalana
  • Neve McIntosh
  • Sea Devils
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Burmaster
  • Nicholas Asbury
  • Anne
  • Annette Holland
  • Laura Sale
  • Alex Tregear


Kate Stewart and her team investigate and confront an alien attack on the planet Earth in a new 5 disc boxset.

Call to Arms

Written by Matt Fitton

Mike Yates braves a stormy night in the Lakes to help celebrate a milestone for John Benton. An evening of fond reminiscences of old glories and friends awaits. But a long-buried past is about to catch up with them when a routine mission for modern-day UNIT quickly becomes a fight for survival.

Tidal Wave

Written by Guy Adams

When an experimental tidal power generator needs its eco-friendly credentials checked, Kate Stewart calls in an expert. Soon, Jo Jones is bound for ‘Project Charybdis’ in the South Atlantic. But out at sea, a treacherous plan is set in motion to awake an ancient race. Beneath the seabed an army is sleeping - an army of Sea Devils.


Written by Guy Adams

As the Earth’s primeval rulers reclaim their birthright, UNIT must stand against them. Kate Stewart and Osgood venture into a Mediterranean stronghold to retrieve a means to fight back. But a Silurian warrior is on their trail. Once she has the humans’ scent, Commander Tryska will never give up the hunt.


Written by Matt Fitton

The Silurians hold Great Britain under siege. Grand Marshal Jastrok rules the seas and the skies with reptile forces. On the ground, Commander Kalana crushes all ape resistance. With Kate Stewart trapped, defence of the realm falls to UNIT’s old guard. Jo Jones, Mike Yates and John Benton are ready to do their duty and stand united.


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