Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies

Production details

  • Format
  • 60 min audio play
  • Production company
  • Big Finish Productions
  • Recording studio
  • The Moat Studios
  • Date recorded
  • 19 October 2012
  • Date released
  • March 2013
  • Written by
  • James Goss
  • Directed by
  • Ken Bentley
  • Sound design & music
  • Richard Fox & Lauren Yason
  • Producer
  • David Richardson
  • Executive producers
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Cover art
  • Alex Mallinson


  • Jo Grant
  • Katy Manning
  • The Scorchies
  • Melvyn Hayes


The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens that look like puppets!

The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes. Though not necessarily in that order…

With Jo caught inside The Scorchies Show, can she save the day before the planet Earth falls victim to the dark side of light entertainment?

It’s quite unlike anything previously done in Doctor Who, and needs to be heard to be believed.
— Doctor Who Magazine (Issue 460)