The Damage

Production details

  • Venue
  • Gilded Balloon Cave I
  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Production company
  • Gilded Balloon Productions
  • Performance dates
  • 1–25 August 2003
  • Written by
  • Paul Sellar
  • Directed by
  • Ken Bentley
  • Produced by
  • Ken Bentley
  • Andrew Dickens


  • Andrew Dickens


Two explosive monologues set in a world of match fixing, backroom gambling and debt collection, performed by Andrew Dickens.

The narrative twists are surprising, shocking and above all satisfying. Well worth seeing.
— Three Weeks (★★★★★)
Andrew Dickens makes for powerful viewing in this extended poetic foray into underclass life. A cockney epic.
— The List (★★★★★)
Paul Sellar’s epic poem with prose stretches is performed with skill and great verbal dexterity by Andrew Dickens. A story of darts, corruption and gangsterism, it’s a hard man’s tale with a soft underbelly.
— The List (Hit List)
Right from the get go, Dickens, bereft of scenery, props, costume or music, brings to life the metier and the metre of working class skullduggery with breathtaking verve... Brimming with the slings and more pointedly arrows of outrageous fortune, it really is top-flight stuff.
— Metro (★★★★★)