Doctor Who: The Assassination Games

Production details

  • Format
  • 120 min audio play
  • Production company
  • Big Finish Productions
  • Recording studio
  • The Moat Studios
  • Date recorded
  • 11 & 12 Feb 2013
  • Date released
  • November 2013
  • Written by
  • John Dorney
  • Directed by
  • Ken Bentley
  • Sound design & music
  • Wilfredo Acosta
  • Producer
  • David Richardson
  • Executive producers
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Cover art
  • Alex Mallinson


  • The Doctor
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Ace
  • Sophie Aldred
  • Rachel Jensen
  • Pamela Salem
  • Allison Williams
  • Karen Gledhill
  • Group Captain Gilmore
  • Simon Williams
  • Sir Toby Kinsella
  • Hugh Ross
  • Sir Gideon Vale
  • Handler
  • Oliver Cotton
  • Eleanor Vale
  • Amanda Caulfield
  • Gemma Saunders
  • Martin Regan
  • Sir Robert Devere
  • Mulryne
  • Gerald Kyd
  • Sir Francis White
  • Ritchie
  • Alisdair Simpson


London. The end of November, 1963. A time of change. The old guard are being swept away by the white heat of technology. Political scandals are the talk of the town. Britain tries to maintain its international role; fanatics assassinate charismatic politicians and Group Captain Ian Gilmore is trying to get his fledgling Counter-Measures unit off the ground.

When his life is saved by a familiar umbrella-bearing figure, he knows something terrible is going on. Whilst Rachel investigates an enigmatic millionaire and Allison goes undercover in an extremist organisation, Gilmore discovers a sinister plot with roots a century old.

The Doctor and Ace are back in town. A new dawn is coming. It’s time for everyone… to see the Light.