Doctor Who: Recorded Time and Other Stories

Production details

  • Format
  • 4 × 30 min audio plays
  • Production company
  • Big Finish Productions
  • Recording studio
  • The Moat Studios
  • Dates recorded
  • 16 & 17 March 2011
  • Date released
  • August 2011
  • Written by
  • Catherine Harvey
  • Richard Dinnick
  • Matt Fitton
  • Philip Lawrence
  • Directed by
  • Ken Bentley
  • Sound design & music
  • Richard Fox & Lauren Yason
  • Producer
  • David Richardson
  • Executive producers
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Cover art
  • Anthony Lamb


  • The Doctor
  • Colin Baker
  • Peri Brown
  • Nicola Bryant
  • Recorded Time
  • Henry VIII
  • Paul Shearer
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Laura Molyneux
  • Scrivener
  • Philip Bretherton
  • Marjorie
  • Rosanna Miles
  • Paradoxicide
  • Inquisa
  • Raquel Cassidy
  • Centuria
  • Ship
  • Joan Walker
  • Barond
  • James George
  • Volsci
  • Laura Molyneux
  • Rosanna Miles
  • A Most Excellent Match
  • Tilly
  • Rosanna Miles
  • Darcy
  • D’Urberville
  • Heathcliff
  • Philip Bretherton
  • Cranton
  • Paul Shearer
  • Question Marks
  • Destiny Gray
  • Raquel Cassidy
  • Greg Stone
  • James George
  • Arnie McAllister
  • Joe Jameson


Recorded Time is a collection of four short plays.

Recorded Time

Written by Catherine Harvey

The TARDIS travellers find themselves at the court of Henry VIII, where the tragic Anne Boleyn will soon be discarded by her King in favour of the lovely Perpugilliam Brown. Or so it is written…


Written by Richard Dinnick

On the legendary lost planet of Sendos, the Doctor and Peri find themselves caught up in the hunt for the cache of galaxy-busting super-weapons stored inside its fabled Armoury.

A Most Excellent Match

Written by Matt Fitton

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of a mind of her own must be in want of a husband. But which of Miss Peri Brown’s rival suitors will be the one to win her hand: handsome Mr Darcy, or the mysterious Doctor?

Question Marks

Written by Philip Lawrence

Five survivors of an unknown catastrophe wake to find themselves caught in an inescapable trap. But can the oddly-dressed man in the question-marked collar work out what's really going on before time runs out – for good?